Wine wedding favors

Wine and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, why limit that to just the after-wedding toast?

Give your guests wine wedding favors.

That decision opens up a whole range of choices.A heart-shaped wine bottle stopper will be a big hit at any wedding. Sure, your guests could plug the bottle with any old cork. But these stylish and practical favors will be appreciated long after that special day has passed.

But before you can close the bottle you have to open it, right? Wedding-themed corkscrew favors are just the thing. Made of elegant silver or chrome they can even carry a design developed by you. Add the initials of the bride and groom, along with the wedding date, and your guests will never forget where they got it.

Wine glasses make for a perfect wine wedding favor. They work best as small wine tasting glasses of the type you'll soon be using on your dream honeymoon vacation. Perfect for sampling a favorite Bordeaux, these favors will find a place in the guests cupboards long after you've returned home.

Of course, everyone needs some coasters on which to set their wine glass. So, these wine-themed lovely and practical items will be highly appreciated by guests and hosts alike. They can carry a logo you design, or include the names of bride and groom along with the wedding date. How about a combination coaster and photo frame? These unique gifts can protect a table while they display a picture of the happy couple on the day they got engaged. Include a wine bottle stopper or corkscrew as part of the set and you've got a winning combination.

Some items are meant to be purely decorative. More power to that idea! Beauty doesn't require any further justification. A set of glass grapes that reflect the colors of your wedding might be just right. Your guests can decorate their own tables at home with these. When they serve their own guests they'll be reminded of that special day when they shared your joy.

Along those lines, how about a fun and lovely miniature silver champagne bucket? They won't hold much ice, but they can be filled with memories of your wedding. They make great small containers for candies or candles and look great on the tables.

Of course, there's a type of gift that, strictly speaking, is neither practical nor decorative: wine itself! The option remains of providing your guests with wine wedding favors that actually contain wine. Small bottles of specialty vintages will be treasured for a lifetime. The guests can trade samples and the bottles make for perfect decorative items at home.

No matter which wine wedding favors you favor, you'll find that a wine theme works well. Whether as just a decoration or a tool, or even in the form of a small bottle of your favorite brand, they'll be the hit of the wedding. Apart from your dress, naturally.