Finishing touches for your barbecue

The main course and side dishes are clear on a barbecue party. Add drinks and the dessert and dessert to have a rounded menu.

Grilled fruit, on its own, in parcels or kebabs, can finish off the party in the same style it started. However, sometimes we ar rushed and require something more simple.

Cooking together in a warm summer day is fun and it takes that chore feeling from cooking. You have got a bunch of recipes for a barbecue with family and friends. You need only a few details to have a rounded menu: something to drink and what about dessert?

Ideas for drinks

Keep sodas and beer in coolers with ice; they are always popular. You don't invite family and friends everyday for dinner and sodas are OK for a special occasion. Fruit juices in individual containers are another good option.

To make it more special, you could serve a refreshing lemon or green apple sorbet before the grilled meats. Drink a rose with appetizers and salads and some fuller-bodied red wine with the meat; try powerful wines such as fruity New World Chardonnay, Shiraz, Zinfadel, or Merlot.

For a day long party, consider one of the Spanish sangrias or a "summer red" which is a simple red wine mixed with lemon soda or lemonade. This way you can have some swing without getting slobbered.

Fruity red sangria

3 bottles (750 mililiters each) inexpesive dry Spanish red wine
9 cups lemonade
1 cup sugar
4 to 5 cups diced fruit such as green apples or peaches -peeled- and thin skinned oranges and lemons -diced and with their peels.
ice cubes

In a big stock pot or large enough container, mix together the wine, lemonade, and sugar. Stir until the sugar dissolves. Add the fruit. Taste for sweetness. Ideally, refrigerate for 4 to 6 hours to macerate the fruit in the wine. Serve with ice cubes. If there is not room in the fridge, add ice cubes and let it rest for at least an hour before serving.

A simple dessert

Apart from very pied or ice cream, you could try something like these peach parcels. You are grilling, after all.

Peach Parcels

Allow per person:
1 peach
1 cookie, digestive type, crumbled
1-2 Tbs toasted, chopped almonds
1 Tbs sugar
1 scoop vanilla, almond or hazelnut ice cream to garnish

1. Wash and dry the peaches. Halve and scoop out the pit. Cut in wedges. No need to peel.

2. To make a parcel, lay a rectangular piece of kitchen foil on the table, put some peach wedges, sprinkle with sugar, some of the chopped almonds and crubled cookie. Cook on a hot grill for 10-15 minutes. You can set enough wedges for two or three people in each parcel.

3. Remove the parcels from the grill, open and transfer the peach wedges to individual dessert dishes. Pour the syrup from the parcel over the wedges and serve accompanied by your choice ice cream.