Food and wine that know no countyr boundaries.

The idea of giving deep thought to which food to serve with a selected wine goes back centuries. It will surprise many that the same is true of pairing a good beer with a favorite dish.

It started like this: I was 18 years old, on the beginning of a new life, in a new home, and too young to buy alcohol legally. The problem was, I really liked wine. I had been drinking it socially for years, but on someone else’s dime.

Spirits or liquor, such as scotch or bourbon, are made from grains and distilled. Wine, by contrast, is the product of fermented grapes.


Rum is a distilled spirit made from molasses. But that simple statement belies the complexity of this outstanding drink, historically and in every other way.

It is a special evening. There are cocktails before the meal and excellent wine to serve with the food, the coffee has been served, however, the day is not done. The perfect way to end such an evening is to linger over an after-dinner drink and good conversation. It is the hour of spirits.

Yeasts are living organisms, a uni-cellular fungus, and have a rare ability: to live with or without oxygen. In the presence of air, they multiply. In the absence of oxygen, they ferment sugars into alcohol. That's what makes beer brewing possible.


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