Food and wine that know no countyr boundaries.

Pasta is another universal pantry item. Trying to think of a place where some kind of pasta is not used is indeed hard.

What will you find in your food cupboard today? Be sure to stock the items recommended for a basic pantry and you will be able to prepare a great variety of international meals at short notice.

A bottle of red wine, a cup, and a few chunks of cheese.

Food and wine go well together. The right food enhances the flavors in the wine and wine is the perfect complement for food.

Thousands of grape varieties give an incredible varied array of wines. Grapes transfer to the wine the same characteristics of the soil and climate they absorbed while on the vine.

Grilled sirloin, cooked rare, with green beans, gravy, and horseradish on a plate.

We all need food on a daily basis, so why not give a little variety with international recipes and cooking methods. Get different dishes to out of the same food.

We love food and wine. We are partial to good food, we enjoy discovering new flavors, we like the way wine tastes, the way wine enhances a meal and how people come together around the dinner table to share food and wine. Food and wine can become a pleasure opening a door to other countries, to other cultures, to new people.


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