Christmas meal recipes from around the world

Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the globe. Each has a distinctive and delicious dish to highlight the festivities.

International holiday recipes

Whatever your ancestry or country of origin, you'll find Christmas recipes from around the world to expand your horizons.

From Denmark hails a recipe for roast wild duck that will bring satisfaction to diners in any country. You can go for an entire British Christmas from appetizer to desert, or, If you want a stellar gravy soaker that would go well with roast beef or prime rib, only for Yorkshire pudding, it is delicious by any definition. You could just try a delicious stuffing recipe suitable for turkey, goose and other fine fowl that hails from the Midwest U.S.A.

There is much to taste about the Greek Christmas season. Enjoy!

More holiday dessert recipes from around the globe

What better time than the winter holiday season to indulge your craving for a superb dessert. Fortunately, there are hundreds to choose from, many of which are not as fattening as you might imagine.

Swedish coffee cakes supply the perfect early treat to munch on during any holiday or special day. German spiced cookies are another  treat to savor any time, any holiday.

Way down in the land down under they make a wonderful Christmas pudding. It will delight diners from around the world. The traditional sachertorte from Austria will be appreciated by dessert lovers anywhere. For a traditional American treat, bake some gingerbread or try a localized specialty, why not buckeyes, the Ohio Christmas candy?

A panettone from Italy is always well received, and there is always turrón. Turrón is Spain´s most famous Christmas treat and has been popular for centuries. It is typically sold in rectangular slabs which can be found piled high on shop counters across Spain during the month of December.