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If there is one experience in Britain not to be missed, it is relaxing in a traditional British pub with a foaming pint of proper British beer. This is a favourite pastime and part of British culture

General guidelines for storing herbs and spices, and know ways to preserve herbs.
Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the globe. Each has a distinctive and delicious dish to highlight the festivities.

This is a very popular sweet in Spain, especially around the holiday season. It is a fitting end to many a Christmas dinner.

Sherry, the fortified wine produced in the South of Spain, can be enjoyed in many occasions. It is certainly a wine to toast about.

Wine selection for a beginner wine tasting with a bit of everything. The goal was to compare the results from a variety of grapes - Tasting note November 2013.
One can say cheese in a thousand ways in Europe, find four of them.
Seville is full of food surprises as well as tradition.