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Not so long ago, English people will joke about their cuisine, or the lack of it, as the infamous meat and two vegs was seen as the epitome of British cooking. That might be just a sample of the so called British humor or just they don’t know what they are cooking.
Savory is usually one of the herbs added to the herbs the Provence mix. There are two main varieties, winter savory and summer savory.
Chinese dining traditions go back thousands of years. The elaborate customs are an interesting mixture of practicality, superstition and social inertia. Westerners aren't expected to know the details but, as with learning a bit of the local language, it always helps. Following them will make for an enjoyable new experience and bring pleasure to a gracious host.
In many cultures, eating is a means of providing sustenance for the body. That is true in Chinese cuisine as well, of course. But for the Chinese, dining is a much larger part of life. It is an art used as part of a celebration, even when attached to no special event.
The favorite herb in stuffing for poultry and a great addition to any roast or flavored butter, however, use sage with a light hand it would overpower any other flavor easily.
Game meats are typical of the Autumn and Winter season.
Shanghai is one of the most prosperous, active and cosmopolitan cities in the world. At any given time there are over a thousand major construction projects taking place in this city of over 20 million. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the cuisine of this region should be equally cosmopolitan.
Surrounded by mountains, including the famed Himalayas to the north, Szechuan province has given the world a unique cuisine.
The Hunan province in China is home to over 64 million people. Located near the center of this vast country, it has received cooking influences from far and wide.