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The last 25 years has seen the growth of a cottage industry in the study of the health effects of drinking coffee. And no wonder - over 400 million cups a day are consumed throughout the world. But for decades health workers warned that the habit might be unsafe. Recent studies show the opposite is more likely to be the case.
The Alsace region is one of the smallest wine producing regions of France, even so, understanding Alsace wine can be problematic and a specialist would help.
Winemakers in Alsace have been active since the Roman conquest.
Chablis is located south east of Paris and is classified as part of Burgundy, even though it is closer to Champagne than other parts of Burgundy, and some distance from the rest of Burgundy.
The Beaujolais region covers a 34 mile stretch from the south of Burgundy to as far as Lyon. It produces more than twice as much wine as Burgundy. Gamay is the only black grape grown in Beaujolais. There is a little white Beaujolais produced but almost all is red.

Nowhere in France is the terroir concept — a group of vineyards (or vines) from the same region that share similar soil and climate — more dearly held than Burgundy.

The Burgundy area, often called Bourgogne, stretches north-south from Chablis in the north, through Cote de Nuits, Cotes de Beaune, Cote de Chalonnais, Cotes de Macon. Furthest south is Beaujolais which is sometimes included as part of Burgundy.
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