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The first Thanksgiving - consider it the first big food event in the United States- was celebrated in Massachusetts in 1621. The Mayflower and the Pilgrims arrived in 1620. They had brought supplies and seeds, but when they landed at Plymouth it was too late in the season to harvest any food. The soil and climate in the new land was not ad to some of their crops anyway.
Food in Missouri is plentiful and varied.
Indiana, the land of the indians, is renowned for soybean and corn crops as well as egg production. It is a land of contrast between rural areas and college towns.

India is an ancient land full of rich, vibrant cultures blended together. The same could justifiably be said of its cuisine. Indian food is as diverse as the gods of that exotic land and each speaks in a different voice.

You can make the same sandwiches you have always made, or you could give this picnic a whole new flavor. Bringing a good main dish on a picnic, without making it into a  sandwich is doable.
When the weather turns warm, it is time to have a day out. That's why went on the hunt for picnic recipes, sandwiches, patties, pies and other delights which will help you put together irresistible picnic menus and convert an ordinary picnic in a true feast.
How to cook chicken? Great question, chicken can be cooked in many ways. As we will be  going into detail about how to choose, handle and cook chicken, picking up a  chicken recipe to prepare may prove the most difficult part of the task.

We were looking at food, service, price, ambiance, facilities, and who else was eating there to come up with a list of favorite restaurants and it was difficult to choose between the many places available.

Sprouted grains are starting to show up in everything from breads, to salads and even pastas. There is, however, a vast difference between regular grain and sprouted grain for the nutritional aspect as well as taste.