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Black pepper has a strong, hot, sharp flavor. White pepper is milder.  Green peppercorns are refreshingly spicy. All these are types of pepper, the most used of all spices.
Warm, generally mild, sweet distinctive capsicum flavor. - Western cuisines: used in soups, casseroles, chicken dishes, with cheese, cream, in sausages i.e. chorizo, with eggs and shellfish, in sauces, with vegetables i.e. cucumber, cabbage, potatoes, for garnishing and coloring. Paprika is essential in Eastern Europe goulashes and Spanish sofritos.
Wine starts with the grapes; red wines get their character from the grapes used to make them. The nature of the grapes defines how the wine will be.
Add healthy and organic vegetables to your menu for free by simply picking them out of your yard.
Wine labels are often fun to look at, but can be daunting, too, if you are actually trying to interpret what they say.
Washington is ranked second in the United States by wine production and exports its wines to several countries.
In the US, California is justly famous for its wines. So famous, in fact, that it comes as a surprise to some to find out that New York has long been a serious competitor in terms of quality.
Food in New Hampshire is mouth watering.
Growing vegetables is much easier than many other plants. With just a minimum of good planning, proper planting and a little bit of care you'll have a bounty of tasty, natural things to eat.