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We have something for breakfast and something for dinner. Lunch? Just put together some sandwiches, for you will be too busy enjoying nature. And with a hearty breakfast and a wonderful campfire dinner you are not going to need much more. We hope this will work for you.
Food and drink keep body and soul together, as often displayed in kitchen and dining rooms at Swiss homes. It shows that they take food seriously and meals are the center of family life.
fondue is a dish made with melted cheese with various seasonings, usually with the addition of dry white wine or kirsch. The fondue is served hot and eaten by dipping pieces of bread in the cheese sauce. Its origins date back to the 15th century. What probably was a way to use hardened cheese and stale bread in Swiss peasant homes in those times has become a special treat in ours.
All about grains, cereals and seeds used as grains. When it comes to grains, there are so many options. Think beyond wheat, corn, and rice; think e barley; buckwheat, rye, and, although not grains, think couscous or quinoa.
Planning for food, and food safety above all, for your camping trip takes a bit of work, but it's worth it.
A relatively new spice in Western cooking with a sweet berry flavor. Used with fruit and in baking.

Nigella has a pungent, peppery flavor, similar to a bitter  pepper. Widely used in Indian cuisines, where is known as kalonji or wild onion  seed, in curry mixtures, vegetable dishes, pickles and chutneys.

Pungent, fragrant, somewhat bitter flavor, it flavors fish, meat, couscous and vegetables in Middle Eastern cuisine, essential ingredient in most Indian curry powders or in chili powder from Mexico, where it also makes an stellar appearance in sauces, with chicken, pork and enchiladas.
Andalusia is what lays in the Spanish south. Andalusia, where the scorching summer heat produced a variety of cold soups, and the Arab influence is still present in the ingredients and cooking methods.