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Do you remember your first finger food? I bet it had low fat or no artificial colors, only 1 gram of sugar, and had 20% of your daily needs. Not to mentioned it was in a bright yellow box.
There is a good reason pasta is high on nearly everyone's list of favorites. Pasta is versatile, healthy, tasty and easy to work with. It provides the base for hundreds of delicious recipes, whether drowned in sauce or chopped up plain in a salad, or even as an ingredient in a stir-fry.
Staples, such as dried fruit, pasta and canned tomatoes are essential to every pantry. Without these base foods, we, as cooks, are at a loss when it comes time for dinner.
Warm drinks for chilly days.

Juices and vegetable drinks are probably the fastest way to replenish your stamina. They are an ideal complement to any diet. When lunch time is short and energy low, a delicious smoothie will satisfy those hunger pangs, supercharge those energy levels, without risk of putting on weight.

It seems that Mother Nature has designed such an attractive array of colorful fruits as if to beckon us to try some of each. Enjoying a wide variety of natural fruit juices could provide you with natural protection from serious illness.
Handling fruit is easy when you know how to and here are a few tips.
No need to limit breakfast to the same old grits. Find ideas for a quick and healthy breakfast, if you do not want to compromise on health and fitness and want full flavor.
Thick juicy burgers on the grill, keep it simple or spice it up a bit, either way you'll have a meal that pleases the whole family.