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Reinvent rather than resurface, just take a little time and add some imagination to create new dishes from your holiday leftover.
Orchestrate the repeat meals so you are sure of having the right ingredients and sufficient amounts for the second performance.
We all need food on a daily basis, so why not give a little variety with international recipes and cooking methods. Get different dishes to out of the same food.
Thousands of grape varieties give an incredible varied array of wines. Grapes transfer to the wine the same characteristics of the soil and climate they absorbed while on the vine.
Do not let food go to waste and take advantage of all left over food.
Egg labels can be confusing. Discover what the words cage free, natural, or certified organic we find on many boxes of eggs at the grocery store really mean. Complete information about eggs and their nutritional value.
What are the names of the food groups?
Pork is a succulent red meat. Once, before freezers and refrigerators, pork was only for the winter months as the meat does not keep well. Nowadays, pork meat can be enjoyed throuhgout the whole year
Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the globe. Each has a distinctive and delicious dish to highlight the festivities.