Carrot muffins


The muffins have have some added antioxidants from the carrots, great for breakfast or snack. This recipe is easy to convert in a carrot chocolate muffin.


1 c flour
1⁄3 t nutmeg (ground)
2 1⁄3 c carrot (peeled and shredded)
2⁄3 c milk (fat free)
2 T sour cream (low fat)
1⁄4 c egg white (lightly beaten)


  1. Line muffin pan with papers or spritz with nonstick spray.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar, oats, baking powder, and nutmeg.
  3. In a separate bowl mix together carrots, milk, sour cream, and egg white.
  4. Blend together dry and wet ingredients.
  5. Fill each muffin cup a little over half full. Bake at 350° F for 20 minutes. A toothpick or fork inserted in center should come out clean when done.


These muffins are low fat, sot this would be an allowed snack for those following a low fat diet. This is alo a recipe that allows to hide a little vegetables into a treat.

12 servings
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
35 minutes