Leeks and bacon au gratin


Leeks need to be cooked in advance. Trim the top, cut the roots at the bottom, wash, and steam or boil them before getting on with this recipe.


8 sli bacon (streaky bacon)
8 leek (washed and trimmed)
  water (to cook leeks)
2 T cheese (optional, grated Cheddar)
  salt (to taste)


  1. Steam or boil leeks until nearly done.
  2. Preheat oven grill to high, or the oven to 400° F (200° C).
  3. Roll a slice of bacon, diagonally, around each leek and place them in a shallow slightly greased oven dish.
  4. Sprinkle with grated cheese if using.
  5. Grill for 10 minutes, turning once, or bake in the middle rack for 20 minutes, until the bacon is crispy cheese top is brown.
  6. Serve straight away.
5 servings
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
45 minutes