Quiche aux oignons


French onion and cheese tart, freely adapted from the recipe for "la quiche Lorraine"


1 pie crust (plain pastry or shortcrust pastry)
1 lb onion (very thinly sliced)
1⁄2 c cheese (grated or shredded)
4 egg (lightly beaten)
  seasoning (1 pinch salt and 2 pinch white pepper)
2 c cream (crème fraîche)


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C, Gas mark 6)
  2. Scatter the onion over the bottom of the pie shell.
  3. Mix milk and cream, beaten eggs, and shredded cheese. Pour over the onion slices.
  4. Cook on the middle rack for about 30 minutes, until the egg mixture is set and the pie crust golden brown.


If you don't have crème fraîche, use heavy cream or a mixture of milk with melted butter - try 1/4 melted butter and 3/4 milk. Full fat plain yogurt is also an option.

If you cannot find a pie crust, get a package of ready rolled shortcrust pastry or make your won plain pastry and line a pie pan.

Try an onion quiche with roasted onion.

8 servings
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
45 minutes