Tomatillo Ketchup


Goes great with beefsteak, chicken, deep fried lobster, lobster corndogs, chilli hoki, white wine baked cod, crab fritters, ocean trout, Portobello meatloaf, sweet potato fries.


7 c bell pepper (green, chopped)
1⁄4 c chili pepper (green chili, chopped)
1 c vinegar (white wine vinegar)
2 t salt


  1. Combine all ingredients in a large preserving kettle or heavy non aluminum pot; bring to a boil and simmer until vegetables are tender, 20 minutes.
  2. Press through a food mill or sieve. Return to kettle. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook at a slow boil until mixture is thickened, 40 minutes.
  3. Pour into sterilized jars. Adjust lids and process for 15 minutes in a hot water bath.
5 cup
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
1 hour, 45 minutes