Food in Michigan

Food in Michigan is varied, and it comes with a cherry on the top.

In the late 1800s, John Harvey Kellogg, who managed the Battle Creek Sanitarium, launched a quest for healthier breakfast foods that ended with the invention of wheat flakes. Soon after, C. W. Post invented what became Grape Nuts. Kellogg's brother Will invented corn flakes. These first breakfast cereals were a hit. Kelloggs company is still in Battle Creek.

During the 1800s, many settler families came from Cornwall, England, and brought the recipe for Cornish pasties with them. Cornish pasties are made of dough cut into round shapes, filled with meat, vegetables and gravy, folded in half and baked. In Michigan, pasties can also have cream and butter in the filling. As it happened in their original Cornwall, pasties became a portable meal for the miners in Michigan. People still eat pasties in Michigan and May 24 is Pasty Day.

Although the brewing industry is nearly gone from Detroit, there are many micro-brewers. There are several types of beer under the brand Great Lakes. The northwest side of the lower peninsula is home to some wineries, especially around Traverse City and Cadillac.

Michigan foods

After the creation of breakfast cereals, one can say food processing is as important as food producing in Michigan. Livestock and dairy products are significant and the farms, primarily the ones on Michigan 's Lower Peninsula, grow a great variety of fruits and vegetables. Michigan is a leader in the production of cucumbers and a top producer of dry beans.

Michigan is also a top producer of tart cherries because of the ideal conditions on the orchards located along Lake Michigan, where the soil and elevation are just right for cherry growing and the lake tempers the weather. Cherries is what you find wherever you go. There are plentiful of cherry desserts, cherry wines, and many of those cherries are used to make cherry pie filling.

…and food events

Cereal Festival, Battle Creek, June - National Cherry Festival, Traverse City, July.

Recipes from Michigan

Warm some cherry pie filling with almond or vanilla essence. to make a wonderful cherry sauce to pour on top of ice cream, pie, or cake.