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The Black Sea has a long and often turbulent history but is perhaps now emerging from its past. That history includes a time honored experience in winemaking.

Cordoba shares with Seville and Granada a unique Moorish heritage that can be seen in the awe-inspiring architecture of mosques, places and gardens and also in the delicious food and recipes that local people love to share with visitors.
If there is one experience in Britain not to be missed, it is relaxing in a traditional British pub with a foaming pint of proper British beer. This is a favourite pastime and part of British culture.
Sherry, the fortified wine produced in the South of Spain, can be enjoyed in many occasions. It is certainly a wine to toast about.

This is a very popular sweet in Spain, especially around the holiday season. It is a fitting end to many a Christmas dinner.

fondue is a dish made with melted cheese with various seasonings, usually with the addition of dry white wine or kirsch. The fondue is served hot and eaten by dipping pieces of bread in the cheese sauce.

Poultry, beef cattle, dairy products, soybeans and hogs are the main food industries in South Carolina.

Peaches, corn and other fruits are also grown in the fertile farmland. South Carolina is one of the main producers of peaches in the United States.