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Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the globe. Each has a distinctive and delicious dish to highlight the festivities.
I am trying to decide whether to buy clear glass or colored dishes for baking to just chilling jello, make casseroles, etc. Is clear glass safer? What about stone?, from Leidy.
Can coriander seed be used in drinks? If so, what kind of drinks and how much coriander should be used? I thinking about juices and such.
Does the standard American diet provide enough magnesium? Which are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency? How do you prevent it?
Any particular food safety tips for the summer? We'll spend some days where it is very warm. - From Fiona, Scotland
How do I use aluminum foil for cooking? Someone said I need to wrap the food with the shiny side in, from Helen, CA.
How do you cook lobster? I've been told you need to cook it alive. From Lucybon, TX.
Which food dye is bad for a child with ADHD? From Elaine.
Can you give me come cold picnic recipes? We have a picnic planned for next weekend...