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Sweet potatoes rate high in the list of foods that can help us achieve optimum heath, that state of physical and mental well being, accompanied by high levels of energy and a strong, perfectly balanced immune system- and you might wonder why. Wonder no more and read.
The sunshine and plentiful rain make Food in Florida an explosion of flavor and color.
Fish, fresh salads and its own take on gazpacho are some of the simple delights to get from Malaga.

There is more than Cheddar to English cheese. Take the tour and you may find a few surprises along the way.

Tasting notes: Black Sea wine surprises - January 2014.

The Black Sea has a long and often turbulent history but is perhaps now emerging from its past. That history includes a time honored experience in winemaking.

Cordoba shares with Seville and Granada a unique Moorish heritage that can be seen in the awe-inspiring architecture of mosques, places and gardens and also in the delicious food and recipes that local people love to share with visitors.
If there is one experience in Britain not to be missed, it is relaxing in a traditional British pub with a foaming pint of proper British beer. This is a favourite pastime and part of British culture.
Sherry, the fortified wine produced in the South of Spain, can be enjoyed in many occasions. It is certainly a wine to toast about.