Winter, the season for warm soups, heavy casseroles and hot, spiced drinks enjoyed in front of the fire.

Make use of the wide range of root vegetables.


Best quality: Jerusalem artichoke; white beans, lima beans; beetroot; broccoli; Brussels sprouts; cabbage; carrots; cauliflower; celeriac; celery; kale; leeks; lettuce; onions; parsnip; potatoes; sea kale; shallot; turnip; watercress.

Available: avocado; French beans; chicory; endive; fennel; kohlrabi; mushroom; okra; pepper; salsify; squashes; sweet potato; zucchini.


Best quality: apples; cranberries; pears; citrus fruits, such as grapefruits, lemons, limes, tangerines, clementines, satsumas, oranges, ugli; chestnuts, hazelnuts, and walnuts.

Available: bananas; coconut; dates; lychees; mangoes; persimmon; pineapple.


Beef and pork roasts, chops, calf’s liver, buffalo. Before refrigeration, pork used to be eaten fresh only in the winter months. This was also the time to make sausages


Chicken, chicken livers – turkey – goose - Guinea fowl, though available through much of the year, is at its best from the second half of the winter.


Hare, wild rabbit, farm rabbit is available all the year, partridge, pheasant, wild duck and venison.


Best quality: cod, dogfish, flounder, haddock, hake, halibut, mock halibut, plaice, skate, sea bream, sole, whiting, as white fish; carp, herring, mackerel, grey mullet, perch, pike, pilchard, sprat, as oily fish.

Available: turbot as white fish; conger eel, rainbow trout as oily fish.


Clams, crab, lobster, prawns, shrimp.