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Finger foods for the Fourth

This time you can serve a really all American selection of finger foods.

Cool salads for the Fourth of July

You don't need to settle for an ordinary salad for an extraordinaty day when you can serve your delicious salads with a fourth of July twist. Get into the mood with these salads. Granted to please.

Fun, festive food ideas for the Fourth

Looking for some great food ideas for the Fourth of July? You’ve come to the right spot! Below are some ideas you can use to make your Fourth of July celebration fun and festive with food!

Hamburger recipes for the grill

Thick juicy burgers on the grill, keep it simple or spice it up a bit, either way you'll have a meal that pleases the whole family.

Beef casseroles

What can one make with beef in cubes? Braising or stewing is  the first thing to come to mind. Those are the basic cooking techniques for a beef  casserole.

Ground beef, easy recipes

Ground beef has long been a favorite of frugal cooks. Here are some easy recipes to help stretch your grocery dollars.

Easy party bites

Party Food is plainly the consummate, almost exclusive, point of reference for any social occasion. To make party food quick and easy, good planning is required.

Food ideas for a Hawaiian party

Beat the winter blahs with a tropical party, and here are food ideas and great recipes for a Hawaiian party.

Non alcoholic party drinks

Food goes with drink and we make easy selecting refreshing cocktails that have no alcohol. You can now serve some classy drinks to those driving or serve non-alcoholic drinks to all your guests so no one feels deprived.


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