Easy to prepare and easy to transport food and dirinks to have outdoors or indoors as part of a packed lunch; as well as dishes easy to cook over a camp fire.

Quiche Lorraine

Total time
45 minutes
6 servings

Quiche Lorraine is a savory pie made of cream, eggs, and bacon. It takes the name from the Lorraine area in France, famous for its bacon. Cheese is often added to the ingredients.

Campfire chef

We have something for breakfast and something for dinner. Lunch? Just put together some sandwiches, for you will be too busy enjoying nature. And with a hearty breakfast and a wonderful campfire dinner you are not going to need much more. We hope this will work for you.

Ideas for a picnic

When the weather turns warm, it is time to have a day out. That's why went on the hunt for picnic recipes, sandwiches, patties, pies and other delights which will help you put together irresistible picnic menus and convert an ordinary picnic in a true feast.