Food and wine, recipes and cooking methods from Spain.

Classic flan

30 minutes
6 servings

Calling flan a caramel custard is to do it an injustice. No mere pudding, this traditional Spanish dessert is the crème de la crème of sweets. Of course, not surprisingly, there are a hundred and one variations on the basic recipe. But sometimes the original is so much more than one can expect, to alter it is to approach cooking blasphemy.


1 hour, 10 minutes
4 servings

A tasty, sweet and soft European tradition, now with a Central American recipe.

A taste of Cordoba

Cordoba shares with Seville and Granada a unique Moorish heritage that can be seen in the awe-inspiring architecture of mosques, places and gardens and also in the delicious food and recipes that local people love to share with visitors.

Garlic shrimp

20 minutes
4 servings

Gambas al ajillo are very popular as tapas. The shrimp used for this recipe should not be excessively large. The kind of chili used for this in Spain is known as guindilla, a Spanish hot red chili of the thin and long varieties, usually dried.

The wine region of Jerez

Wine is produced in many areas of Spain. The hot sun and Mediterranean breezes make for some stellar Palomino grapes. But the capital of one type - sherry - has to be assigned to Jerez de la Frontera, a city in the Cadiz section of Andalucia. The very name means 'sherry', a derivative of the Arabic word for this sweet nectar.