Dishes that require hihg level of skill, effort and attention but still manageable at home.

Turkish baklava

1 hour
12 servings

Baklava is Turkey's most famous dessert. It consists of whole or chopped pistachio nuts enclosed between paper thin layers of filo pastry, drizzled with a honey based syrup. It makes a deliciously sweet and nutty dessert or a treat to serve with aromatic Turkish coffee.

Steak Johannesburg

50 minutes
2 servings

Steaks grilled in the best South African tradition, served with grilled asparagus with orange and nutmeg Hollandaise, and cumin flavored chickpeas. This is not as challenging as it may seem as long as the orange juice reduction is ready in advance.

Peking duck

1 hour, 30 minutes
6 servings

The key to good Peking duck is the elaborate preparation that takes place before cooking. The bird should be thoroughly plucked and cleaned. Then it must be wiped, preferably with a bit of gin and hung to dry. Let the air flow through the bird for several hours. Keep the mouth open, a small cardboard tube works well.

Mole from Mexico

2 hours, 30 minutes
12 servings

The basic ingredients are straightforward enough, though some of them may require a bit of digging to locate. There's quite a bit of preparation to make a fine mole, but the effort is worth it, as a taste of the results will prove.