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Koeksisters - A traditional South African delicacy brought to the region by the slaves.
Brussels Waffles - A variation of the waffle recipe that delivers light textured delicious results.
Brigadeiro - Brazil's national truffle made with chocolate, sweetness and butter.
Apricot dessert (Hilo gamar al deen) - A delicious dessert soup with added rice for texture.
Caramel popcorn - Finally! The treat we see everywhere, that we can't stop eating, we can actually make at home.
Norwegian Cinnamon Boller - A Norwegian treat traditionally tasted at childrens' parties.
Es teler - A delightful and refreshing drink from Indonesia.
Danish dessert - A delicious Danish dessert using red fruits.
Flan - A tasty, sweet and soft European tradiition, now with a Central American recipe.


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