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Huevos con frijoles (Eggs with beans) - A Mexican treat that's full of nutrients with just a few household ingredients.
Huevos con chorizo (Eggs with chorizo) - A mix between an omlette and scrambled eggs flavored with chorizo.
Huevos a la Mexicana (Mexican style scambled eggs) - An easy and quick treat that's normally eaten as a main meal or snack.
Meatloaf with brown sugar and ketchup glaze from Kansas - Meatloaf recipes are not exclusive to the Midwest of the United States, however, most meatloaf recipes we have come through from this region use ketchup, that is their distinctive touch.
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) - Smooth, spicy and savoury, with a comlicated mix of ingredients this curry is simply worth it.
Maple Glazed Ribs - A typical BBQ recipe with a Canadian influence to bring out the flavour.
Macadamia chicken with chili avocado salsa - A light main meal with a suprising mix of ingredients that go together splendidly.
Karniyarik - A nutritional, full main meal in a bite size form.
BBQ steaks with beer - This simple marinade helps to bring out the best of your BBQ meat.


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