Sweet dishes and treats.

Turkish baklava

Turkish confectionery provides a wide selection of pastries made out of pastry dough, nuts ad honey or syrup, where shape and filling determine the type. Baklava is one of such treats.

Turkish baklava

Baklava is Turkey's most famous dessert. It consists of whole or chopped pistachio nuts enclosed between paper thin layers of phyllo pastry, drizzled with a honey based syrup. It makes a deliciously sweet and nutty dessert or a treat to serve with aromatic Turkish coffee.

Ragalach or rugalach

Ragalach or rugalach? To make it more confusing, we have found ready made versions of this pastries in shops under the names ragelach and rugelach. Whatever the name, these pastries will always be a New Jersey thing to us. This recipe is a cream cheese version of the Jewish rugalach as prepared by New Jersey home cook of Italian ascent.